Car Benefit Solutions have been working tirelessly over the last few months to develop and improve the scheme websites for our customers and we are excited to tell you about the upcoming changes.

Launching in late January, the CBS Portal is designed to allow Scheme Co-ordinators and drivers access to all of their CBS schemes from one central location, rather than logging into different scheme websites individually.

The CBS Portal will also mean that employers can easily manage driver eligibility, choosing which CBS schemes and pricing employees have access to by using the new Group Administration function.

1. What is a single sign-on account? 

Users can now view vehicles and request quotes across all the brands and schemes available to them, using just one single login – one username and one password. As well as this, employers will now be able to manage all CBS scheme activity in one central location.

2. When trying to log in/register, why am I being redirected to the CBS Portal?
The CBS Portal is where you will log in from now on to access all of your schemes. Users who try and access one of our old scheme websites will be seamlessly redirected to the CBS Portal. 

3. Who should be the Group Administrator? 
The Group Administration role should be someone within your business who is able to determine driver eligibility across your entire business. Typically, we would expect this function to be performed by whoever is managing your eligibility process today within your business. For more support on this, please contact your CBS Field Operations Manager. 

4. I am an existing CBS user, what do I need to do to get access to the CBS Portal?

If you have an existing CBS account, just log in as normal to register for the CBS Portal. If users have more than one CBS account, these can also be linked to their new Portal account after successful login. After linking their accounts, existing users will have access to the relevant schemes they already have access to. This can be reviewed by the Group Administrator. 

5. We have a new driver who has not used a CBS scheme before, how do they get access to the CBS Portal?

Once registered on the CBS Portal, the driver should contact your Group Administrator who will take them through the scheme eligibility process. Once the Group Administrator has approved scheme access, they will see the schemes available to them within the CBS Portal. If you do not know who your Group Administrator is, please contact CBS here.

6. I am trying to quote for a driver but can't see them on the 'New Quotation' page? 

Please contact your Group Administrator who will be able to check if the driver has been taken through the scheme eligibility process. Once the driver has registered on the Portal and the Group Administrator has approved scheme access, the driver will be able to see which schemes are available to them in the CBS Portal. If you do not know who your Group Administrator is, please contact CBS here.

7. I am an existing CBS Portal user; will I still be able to access the CBS Portal?

Existing CBS Portal users will be able to log into their CBS Portal account as normal.

8. How do I determine what schemes a driver should be eligible for?

Eligibility decisions are typically decided by your employer and they can use our new Group Administration profile to quickly allocate drivers eligibility. From the Group Administration page, users can easily filter based on the driver's job role, the brand they work for and whether or not they are eligible for a company vehicle. If you need any support in determining your eligibility policy, then please contact CBS here.

9. What if we only operate one scheme and we are happy for every driver to be given automatic eligibility?

The eligibility process allows you to not only determine what schemes a driver has access to, but also allows you to perform important HR checks to make sure your driver is eligible for a CBS vehicle. If you want all drivers to be given automatic eligibility, then please contact your CBS Field Operations Manager.

10. I have multiple scheme accounts, what is going to happen with my existing accounts?

Users will have the ability to associate their scheme accounts after they have logged in to the CBS Portal. Simply choose one of your accounts, log in and you will be taken to the additional account association page automatically.

11. You are asking me to associate my existing accounts. Is this secure?

Security is a primary concern for CBS. To ensure that your accounts are safe and secure, accounts are only associated after you provide the correct username and password for each account.

12. How do users get a scheme added to their CBS Portal?

Users need to speak to your Group Administrator who will be able to advise if the driver is eligible to participate in or manage the scheme and provide access.

13. A user has reported that they no longer have access to one of our CBS schemes, why is that? 

This could be for two reasons, either it is because the scheme is no longer available or the Group Administrator has changed the user's eligibility to participate in the scheme.

14. Some of our employing sites are missing from the Registration and/or User Profile pages?

If your employing site is not available from the list, please use our live chat to request that this site is added.

15. Why can't I see a certain page on the CBS Portal but can on the scheme website and vice versa? 

Some pages are now only available on the CBS Portal, whilst others will remain just on scheme websites for the moment.

16. How do I know when a new driver has registered on the CBS Portal? 

Car Benefit Solutions will send the Group Administrator a daily reminder email when you have actions outstanding on the CBS Portal. 

17. What happens when a user changes employing site or job role? 

When a user updates their profile with a new employing site or job role, this will show on the 'Group Administration' dashboard for review. 

18. What happens when a user leaves their employment? 

When a user leaves their employment, either the Group Administrator or the user themselves can mark them as having left. The user can then update their profile with their new employer.

19. We've recently recruited a new employee who already has a CBS Portal Account, can they log in using this? 

The CBS Portal is designed to allow users to move their accounts across employers. The user simply needs to log in and update their employing group to their new employer. At this point, the new employee will appear on the Group Administration dashboard. 

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Should you require any more information regarding the CBS Portal, please contact our dedicated helpdesk.

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